Nag's Damarukam Release Date Still In Confusion


There is still a lot of confusion over the release date of King Akkineni Nagarjuna’s festival release Damarukam. The film was recently censored and immediately release date was announced as October 20 but later in the evening on the same day Nagarjuna himself confirmed that the film would hit the screens on October 19 itself.

Now we hear again that the film is going to be postponed by a day and as announced initially after censor it will release on October 20. However even this date is not confirmed as the makers too can’t exactly state when the visual effects works would be completed. It is because of these visual effects works that the film is getting postponed and to keep the film in news and distributors excited the makers are announcing a date and also giving a paper ad although the work is still in progress.

As of today, this moment, the film is going to hit the screens worldwide on October 20 but don’t be surprised if you hear the film getting postponed again.


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