Mishan Accomplished – But Is It Genuine Or Fake?


Mishan Impossible is a new feature film of director, RSJ Swaroop.

It is the sophomore attempt from the creator of Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya.

The project and its theme of bounty hunting set around Tirupati was announced long back.

A first look poster, though, was only recently out.


It came with the official confirmation of the title as Mishan Impossible.

The poster featuring young actors as mythological characters and with weapons has not gone down with a section.

Is it a genuine case or fake? The lack of clarity has generated so much chatter around Mishan Impossible on the social media platforms.

Whatever may be the reality the ‘Mishan’ is accomplished.

The makers, on their part, have withdrawn the posters citing ‘respecting the sentiments’ of the audience.

Matinee Entertainment produces Mishan Impossible. It is their eighth production.

The regular shooting will commence from December 14th.

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