#MeToo Movement: Allu Arjun Opens Up While Ileana Chooses To Be Calm


Allu Arjun And Ileana Responds On #MeToo Movement:

The most controversial yet trending moment in the Indian Film Industry, MeToo is shaking each and every regional industry. Unlike many heroes, Stylish Star and bold beauty Ileana shared their inner feelings regarding this movement.

#MeToo Movement
#MeToo Movement

Southern Star Allu Arjun who graced the pre-release event of Vijay Devarakonda’s Taxi Wala opened up about this issue. He claimed that comparatively, Tollywood is the safest place for women and here, they get the maximum respect. Agreeing the fact that there have been issues in the industry here and there, Bunny declared that the rate is very low compared to the North India Cinema.


On the flip side, Ileana responded in a mixed way. Acknowledging that the sexual harassments and casting couch still exist in all the parts of Indian Cinema, she failed to reveal her own experiences. This Kick beauty stated that this is not the right time to share her own feelings regarding this movement and declared that a fine day is waiting for all to reveal her hidden stories.


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