Picture Of The Day: Mega Halloween Celebration


Mega Family Halloween Celebration:

The mega family is one of the biggest families of Telugu Film Industry and it always stays in media for being together despite all odds. This giant family made news with its recent Halloween celebrations.

Mega Family Halloween Celebration
Mega Family Halloween Celebration

Though the culture of Halloween doesn’t belong to India, these American celebrations have become most common in the recent past. Along with all, the Mega family too celebrated the Halloween and the pictures of this are going rival over the Internet. One can see almost all the mega family members tried their best to have some makeup like ghosts and zombies. From Megastar Chiranjeevi to the last kin of the family, all participated in this celebrations by applying makeup.


Chiru has to be praised for keeping his family intact in spite of having ten heroes and their competitions. He is the center of attraction of this photo with his amazing avatar as a zombie.


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