Masala now arrives on November 15



Masala starring Venkatesh and Ram has been recently confirmed to have a November 14 release. But according to the latest updates it looks like the film could be postponed by a day and release on November 15 instead. The reason for this postponement and the actual postponement are the same actually and is related to the Karnataka film industry.

On the occasion of Karnataka Day which happens to be on number 1, the state will not allow screening of other language films as we all know. This non screening would continue for two weeks and end on November 14. So it would be wise to release the film on November 15 as one can then make maximum usage with a big release feels the unit of the film and hence this postponement.

Masala is directed by K Vijaya Bhaskar and produced by Sravanthi Ravi Kishore and D Suresh Babu. The film is a remake of super hit Hindi film Bol Bachchan.


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