Manikarnika: Taking Controversial Promotion Route


Manikarnika Movie Promotions:


The season of controversy involving a movie is back. The film in question is Manikarnika and no prizes for guessing who stars in the movie? It is Kangana Ranaut.

Manikarnika Movie Promotions
Manikarnika Movie Promotions

The historical based on the life of legendary queen Lakshmi Bai is in the news for the change in director. For a small patchwork shoot, the lead actress Kangana Ranaut has taken over directorial reigns from Telugu director Krish. It is for the shoot, Sonu Sood reportedly failed to participate. These two separate issues have been blown out into controversies.


Manikarnika is slated to release on Republic Day, and we suppose there are more to come in the coming days. Earlier in the year, Padmaavat released with massive controversy and turned out to be a blockbuster. We have to see if Manikarnika repeats the feat next year. 


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