Nawab Getting The Flak For Dubbing


Nawab Trailer Report

The theatrical trailer of Mani Ratnam’s new film Nawab is out. It has got the best response among in comparison to the past few movie trailers of the legendary director.

Nawab Trailer Report
Nawab Trailer Report

However, one thing got unanimously panned by all the Telugu movie lovers. It is the dubbing. It would be an understatement to say it is terrible. The dubbing could seriously kill the interest in the movie, felt many movie lovers who like to encourage a variety of films.

We have to see if the feedback reaches the makers or they continue to ignore the aspect. After all, nothing much is expected box office wise from the Telugu version. Mostly, it is the theatrical and satellite rights they look at and ignore the overall quality. Until recently, the lyrics were also an issue, but Mani Ratnam corrected it by getting Sirivennela Seetharama Shastry on board. We hope a similar corrective measure is taken with dubbing.

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