Manchu Manoj ’s Befitting Reply To Kaushal Army


Manchu Manoj Reply To Kaushal Army:

The rockstar hero of Tollywood, Manchu Manoj is a special man who gives a damn about trolls. He always wins the hearts of his followers by responding positively to every troll.

Manchu Manoj
Manchu Manoj

Going into the details, Manoj took his Twitter to wish the team of Devdas all the best as it released yesterday across the two Telugu States. Expressing his joy, Manoj claimed that it would be an eye feast watching two beautiful actors on screen at a time. Immediately, some section of Kaushal fans warned Manoj to stop encouraging Nani as the latter character assassinated their favourite. With rather smile, Manoj explained to them that a movie is a collective effort of an entire team and hard work of many families for six long months. So he asked these haters to forget negativity and enjoy a good Telugu Cinema.


Doesn’t matter how hard these Kaushal fans trolled him, Manoj responded to a maximum of them with smiling emojis. That is why he was loved by many movie lovers despite his flop streak.


Here’s The Tweet Of Manchu Manoj:

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