Trolling On Mahesh In Kollywood: Mahesh Fans In Anger


Mahesh Babu Trolls In Tollywood:

Trolls are a part of the present generations’ trend and most of them direct towards celebrities. However, most of these trolls are hilarious and they really mean the content. But the recently happened trolling on the superstar Mahesh Babu is irking entire Tollywood and his hardcore fans.

Mahesh Babu Trolls
Mahesh Babu Trolls

A stand-up comedy programme called Acadummy Awards was organized recently and the main theme of the awards is to troll actors in order to generate humour. A Tamil guy crossed his limits while trolling multiple most desired man of entire South India, Mahesh Babu. In his trolls, he compared Mahesh babu’s acting in Syder to a rock which has no expressions. He went on to say that Mahesh is a rocking star referring his expressions to a rock. Not stopping there, that senseless self-proclaimed standup comedian claimed that the Telugu directors are asking Mahesh to give (Kudu in Tamil means give) the expressions with their titles like Okkadu, Sainikudu etc.


Film analysts feel that the artists who made these trolls crossed certain limits by degrading a star like Mahesh who stood as an example of being a performer. Mahesh fans who are furious on these trolls reacted quite strongly. They started comparing Mahesh’s expressions in Pokiri to Vijay’s expressionless face in Tamil Pokiri. Not stopping there, Mahesh fans declared that two big hits of Mahesh, Okkadu and Pokiri were remade by so-called star Vijay who got trolled by entire India for his expressions in Bhairava. If those idiotic people judge Mahesh’s acting by Spyder, they should blame their Tamil director Murugadoss, their Tamil musician Harris Jayaraj and other technicians who gave bad output in their respective careers.


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