Lovely has lovely dialogues by Shyam


Lovely is the upcoming movie of actor Adi of Prema Kavali fame. The theatrical trailer of the film was released recently and it has already become the talk of the down. What’s more the dialogues from the trailer of the film have already found a place on the chatter of the web world.

Especially the dialogues “okkarini kottataniki nalugurini esukosthe chaladanna’ and “Hathattuga attack chesina vallane padukopettesa” have become the most used in the twitter-verse. And the man behind these punchy dialogues is a new writer Shyam Manohar. If the samples alone have created such impact would it be overestimation to say that the writer may be the next big thing in the making in Telugu cinema. Remember even the likes of Trivikram Srinivas and Puri Jaganndh had a humbler beginning who knows Shyam Manohar may be the next Trivikram or Puri Jagannadh in the making.

Very few people have the natural gift to get punchy dialogues with the regular Telugu words.  Let’s wish this new talented writer all the best.

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