Loose Tongue Lands Charmme In Trouble


Many a times when one associates with another person who has great pedigree, the person associated develops side effects. They develop foot in mouth syndrome and more often than not this leads to trouble.

Now take the case of heroine Charmme who has developed a close rapport with RGV and his gang of sycophants. The usually bubbly but reticent actress courtesy of the proximity with them has started talking loosely and this recently led to unsavory comments from her towards the recently cancelled film of Nithin.

Those comments followed by lot of hullaballoo finally saw the actress apologize to Nithin and his father. But they seem to be not happy with it and have now reportedly lodged a complaint in Film Chamber. Guess the ire towards RGV, who had also commented, has also been directed on her. Let’s see how she reacts.

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