Will Pawan Kalyan 'Janasena' Garner Highest TRP's Ever ??



Few Minutes to go for launching of Pawn Kalyan’s new party ‘Jana Sena’. State and National media is covering the event on a large scale and already media has started reporting from the venue. Fans and supporters have reached Novotel, where the launching event is happening. Gaint screens have been arranged on some locations for those who are unable to make it to the venue.

Fans, supporters of all paties and people are looking forward for Pawan Kalyan’s speech today evening. All local and national TV channels and web media are telecasting the event live from 6pm. As this is the much awaited event in recent times there are fair chances for Tv channels to register highest TRP. We have to watch weather ‘Jana Sena’ will start its victory march on its first day itself by garnering highest TRP ever. Keep visiting this space for more updates.


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