Breaking News: Krack Shows Cancelled All Over


Krack Release Issue – Court Settlement Update #4:

NV Prasad is operating as a mediator between the two parties. If they come to an agreement based on mutual faith, Krack will release today. Otherwise, the chances are bleak, and we could be looking at an imminent postponement to a later date.

Krack Finance Problems – Movie Release Update #3:

Second Saturday (today) and Sunday (tomorrow) mean there would be no Court proceedings anyway. Only an out of court settlement with mutual understanding between the two parties (Tagore Madhu and Screen Scene) can make the release possible today.

Krack Matinee Shows Release Update #2:

The Matinees too remain cancelled. A press show scheduled at 2PM is indefinitely postponed making one doubt if Krack would arrive today at all.

As an early morning disappointed to fans and moviegoers, news came out that Krack shows cancelled across the places where it is scheduled for a release today.

Not only in the domestic markets, Krack shows cancelled too in the overseas market like USA and Australia also.

While the movie lovers are in deep disappointment, we bring you the reason behind the delay in Ravi Teja‘s Krack’s shows.


Sources reveal that Krack producer Tagore Madhu along back purchased the rights of Telugu hit, Temper and sold to Tamil production house Screen Scene for ₹11 crores and also borrowed ₹5 crores in the advance basis from the producers of Screen Scene.

Later, Temper was remade as Ayogya in Tamil and ended up as a disaster, and Madhu never returned ₹5 crores which he took from Screen Scene.

Regarding the same, the Tamil production house Screen Scene decided to fight the issue legally, and it is the reason behind Krack shows cancelled across domestic and international markets.

Directed by Gopichand Malineni, Krack has Shruti Haasan as the female lead. Thaman is the music composer.

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