Irfan Khan Regrets Missing Christopher Nolan’s Film


Internally renowned, National Award winning actor par excellence Irfan Khan says he has never regretted any decisions in his life so far, but for, one occasion where he had to make a difficult choice. This decision was related to the Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Interstellar in which the actor says, was offered a substantial role. However the shoot required the actor to stay month’s on in US and this was something he couldn’t do due to his other commitments. Therefore in the end the actor had no choice but to reject the film.


Interstellar is one of the most anticipated film in the world today courtesy its director and this would have been a huge film for the actor had he done it. Well what can we say a commitment is a commitment, we hope the actor gets lucky some other time.


For those unaware Irfan Khan has done roles already in popular international movies like Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pie and The Amazing Spider Man and no, it’s not an Anil Kapoor kind of ‘blink-n-miss’ deal.

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