Pawan Kalyan Supports Modi As Prime Minister



Pawan Kalyan has met Gujarat Chief minister and BJP’s Prime Ministral candidate Narendra Modi at Ahmedabad on Friday. Pawan met Modi along with his close aides Raju Ravitej, Raghava and Anil on behalf of his party Jana Sena. Meeting took place at Modi’s residence lasts for about 45 minutes. Pawan explained how the state was bifurcated and his concern about people of both Seemandhra ,Telangana regions.

After the meeting Pawan told reporters that He came to declare support to Modi on behalf of Telugu people and he is completely extending his support to Modi as prime minister. He also claimed that Telugu people are angry with the way Andhra Pradesh is divided. Pawan once again clarified that he is not interested in holding power and he came into politics for the well being of Telugu People.


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