Is Hrithik’s Behaviour Bothering The Young Actress?


Hrithik Roshan Disha Patani News.


Despite his star power, the rumours on his personal side are unstoppable in the case of Bollywood dancing star Hrithik Roshan. He has been accused of another molestation to a Bollywood actress by some leading websites. This issue has passed through an unexpected turn back at the rumour spreading sites.

Hrithik Roshan Disha Patani News
Hrithik Roshan Disha Patani News

Hrithik who is celebrated as one of the most successful young heroes in Bollywood lost his charm post the divorce of his wife Suzzane. Since then, he had been undergoing mental torture by never-ending gossips and controversies over him. The episode of Kangana Ranaut is well known to all the netizens where he went through many things like courts, open letters, hacking emails etc. After all these days, he is again linked to an actress in the B-town. The actress is none other than the hottest sensation Disha Patani. Some websites constantly cooked up stories by saying that Hrithik is molesting and harassing Disha to have a date with him. As these stories are increasing day by day, Disha told the press that the stories are indeed fake. She claimed that it is her responsibility to condemn these rumours as soon as she can.

On the flip side, Hrithik took his social blogging site to take on his critics. Liking some of the websites which wrote stories about him, he asked the writer to do a couple of Monkey rolls, Donkey kicks and Dog Pulls to beat such trash out of mind and body. Both of them have hardly given it back to those sites which are maligning their image.


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