Irfan Khan Picks Hit Movie Sequel


Hindi Medium Movie Sequel Getting Ready.

It was a cause of great shock to movie lovers when the news of actor Irfan Khan diagnosed with a rare Cancer broke out. Post the revelation a project was dropped, and another temporarily stopped. Fans too were only talking about recovery.

Hindi Medium Movie Sequel Getting Ready
Hindi Medium Movie Sequel Getting Ready

That was a few months ago, and now, Irfan Khan seems to be recovering well. Recently, it is heard that the star among character actors has listened to a script that he has immensely liked. It is a sequel to one of his biggest hits Hindi Medium. After the narration, he has reportedly given his nod to the film.

So, the big news is, when Irfan Khan recovers entirely and ready for a comeback it would be with the sequel to his super hit film Hindi Medium. It was not only a success in India but also was loved in China.

We can’t wait to watch the actor back on silver screen.

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