Friends Missing – Help Needed


A group of friends have gone missing from some days. Today we received a letter from one of those missing friends. They want our help in finding them. Take a look at this letter and see if you can help them.

friends missing pic

Dear Friends,

I need your help. Few months back I was planning to go on a trekking trip. But I had to go to UK and skipped the plan. Before going to UK I met a friend who introduced me to Bhaskar, Chaitanya and Durga Rao. Those three people were the most funny people I ever met. Recently when I came back from UK I came to know that these three guys are missing. I was shocked. Because I was supposed to go with them. When I was in UK, Durga Rao sent me some pictures from their trip. I never really cared to see them as I was really busy. Few weeks back when i came to know that they are missing I checked the pictures they sent. I was shocked. I could not believe my eyes. I want you to please look at the pictures and identify the location. So that we can search for them in those areas. The parents of these people wanted to keep their identity as a secret, but it is already some three weeks that they went missing, so I had to reveal their faces. You may feel that you may have seen them earlier on TV, yes they are related to film industry and that is why we wanted to keep them in secret, but as things are going, I had to show them. I have few more pictures they sent I will soon upload them also. Thanks and please forward this to your friends. I hope that someone can identify this location and send us some clue.

With hope,

Karthik C.

Note: There seems to be a big conspiracy behind the missing of these friends. We shall be following this thread daily and keep you all posted.

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