Director Shankar Proves Once Again That He Is The BOSS


DIrector Shankar Robo 2 Point 0 Update:

It’s been more than a year since the flick 2.0 got wrapped up and the makers are testing the patience of the movie lovers who have been relentlessly waiting for this flick with multiple postponements of this project’s release. For those who are worrying about this flick’s diluted craze, here are the recent updates which would bring back the past hype on this biggie.

DIrector Shankar
DIrector Shankar

Director Shankar known for his magnanimity. Even though he takes more time to finish movies, Shankar would make sure to provide the content which worths the long wait. The same is happening with the flick 2.0. Makers made a hype to this flick by releasing the audio in Dubai along with this flick’s poster attached to Burj’s Khalifa along with paragliders who promoted this flick from the Sky. Such project lost all the hype attached to it by the long delay in the release.


However, Shankar is here to make sure that his most awaited sequel remains in the everyday news just before a couple of months prior to its release. He released a couple of posters which appear just terrific. Posters showcasing the antagonist Crow in its most fierce form only declaring the grandeur of this flick and special effects. For the first time in the Indian Film history, this flick’s teaser is  releasing in 3D format across India in all the languages on 13th of this month as Vinayaka Chaturthi gift


Lyca Productions bankrolled this movie with more than 450 crores of the budget. Amy Jackson is romancing the Superstar Rajini Kanth whereas Akshay Kumar plays the baddie. This Nation’s most awaited sequel will be out for the Diwali which is on 29th of November.


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