Confident Director Distributes His Own Film




Many a times it’s the distribution deals the indirectly hint at the fate of the film one way or the other. If confident of the product, people close to the production or the unit itself takes up the distribution for the film and vice versa the production house slyly sells the film for good prices recovering their investment, if they aren’t that confident.


Take of case of director Srivas, he is reportedly going to be the distributor of his next release Loukyam in East Godavari. The director is extremely confident of the film’s success and therefore has taken up the mantle of distribution upon him. To know it its a wise decision or not we have to wait till Friday when the film opens.


In the past Srivas has delivered a big success with Gopichand and reports in the industry suggest he might repeat the feat again, if all things fall in place. Loukyam starring Gopichand and Rakul Preet hits screens on September 26.


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