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Memes On Chota K Naidu Trending Viral On The Internet

Chota K Naidu Memes On Kissing Kajal Agarwal:

The unexpected and indecent act of the renowned cinematographer Chota K Naidu has stirred controversy.


A couple of days back in the teaser launch event of Kavacham Chota K Naidu has kissed Kajal Agarwal on stage which has become the center of controversy. Though Kajal was also shocked by the indecent act of Chota, she managed to laugh loud and deviated the issue. But the fans of Kajal Agarwal and also the cinegoers has started lambasting Chota for his indecent act.


The fans have started running the hashtag BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI which is setting the internet on fire. The trolls have been started and the creative netizens are lambasting Chota with their memes which are trending viral on the social media. Though Chota has given the clarification regarding this to English daily stating that out of admiration towards her work he has kissed her and also mentioned that she is like his family member.


The fans seem to be no way in a mood to listen to all those things but the meme’s and trolls on Chota are setting the social media on fire. Have a look at some of the funny memes on Chota K Naidu


Some Of The Memes Here Follows:


Chota K Naidu Memes

Chota K Naidu Memes

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