Chota’s Indecent Act On Stage With Kajal Triggers Controversy


Chota K Naidu Kissing Kajal Triggered Controversy:


The star Cameraman Chota K Naidu is considered to be one of the bold personalities in the Tollywood. He never hesitates to voice out his opinions and feelings in any place. His recent act has shocked the big wigs of Tollywood.

Chota K Naidu Kissing Kajal
Chota K Naidu Kissing Kajal

Not less than twenty-four hours when Allu Arjun declared that Tollywood is the safest place for women, Chota set an example of how disrespectful the T-town can be. The entire team of Kavacham is celebrating the teaser launch of this flick. Starring Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas and Kajal as the main leads, the core team has organized an interaction with the Press. When Kajal is thanking the Chief technicians, she praised Chota who is on stage. The moment Kajal uttered Chota’s name, the latter dared to hug her and kissed Kajal on the neck.


As this act is not enough to damage the Telugu Cinema, Chota in his speech asked why no one can’t kiss Kajal if they feel so. He might have deep bonding with actresses off Camera but a person with Chota’s stature should behave in front of Media.


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