Charan-Boyapati Film’s Fate Hang In Balance



Fans of Ram Charan and most of the Telugu cinema lovers might very well be aware that a film in the combination of the actor and the director has been threatening to go onto sets from a very long time. Due to not arriving on common grounds on script the film has been getting postponed but it all looked like it things have been settled and the film may finally take off later in the summer.

However all of a sudden fans are also hearing about the revival of the old project with director Srinu Vytla as well with a change of producer. So which one is going to be the next film of Ram Charan or is any film shelved is bugging the fans off late. Well here is an update on that, the film with Boyapati Sreenu is reportedly on even at this moment. Unless something really drastic happens with the box office prospects of Legend, this will be the immediate next of Ram Charan after Krishna Vamsi’s film is completed, according to the sources. One has to therefore wait and see how Legend fares to know the future of this project.


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