Bheemavaram Bullodu Movie Review – Bores You To Death


Bheemavaram Bullodu in a nutshell tells the story of what happened to a man when he is hit by a ‘chembu’. One thing leads to the other in the most clichéd manner possible and all comes to a happy ending finally.

The long absence on screen is working to the advantage of Sunil as it definitely feels nice to his brand/style of comedy for a change on screen amidst the regular fare we see in every other film. But that’s the only silver lining in what can be termed as a “boring-by-the-books” performance from the actor. Each one of his sentimental scenes is like living through the horror of a psychopath’s serial killing delight.

Heroine Esther has a very little to do performance wise and even in the songs Sunil tries hard to steal her limelight by being the most colorful and hogging all the space.

Sayaji Shinde performs as usual with a grin on his face as if he is competing with the best over actors in the world and he knows he is winning it. He has another award winner for his company in the form of Supreet, who wins the self institutionalized Supreet Award of Consistency, “again”, given to performers who have fabulous gift of playing the same character in all their films with an unswerving and undeviating devotion.

Telangana Shakuntala, Raghu Babu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Srinivas Reddy, Posani Krishna Murali, Satyam Rajesh and a number of other well known faces do standard acts in an unflinching manner. Prudhvi gets a decently written character in the film which manages to clearly stand out among this hoard.

Scenes involving Prudhvi (30 years industry)

Sunil’s sentimental acting

Sayaji Shinde’s comedy timing

Uday Shankar’s direction

Irritating rhyming dialogues

Bheemavaram Bullodu has a plot that’s been beaten to death few decades ago. Director tries to create a new spin on it by literally forcing his lead character to yell that there is a twist in the story every fifteen minutes. The film has more twists told to us this way than actual twists. May be it’s his way of convincing himself that he has made something fresh. Unfortunately that’s not the case as the narrative is plagued with predictability right from the word go. What’s even worse is the fact that one could predict a gag even before it’s completed. It doesn’t help that we have writing that kills literally.

Both the halves are equally bad but the first half has few moments here and there that do manage to evoke laughter however silly its execution may be. Or maybe it could the comic timing of Sunil for those very few moments. Second half is as predictable and boring as they come with not even a comedy scene coming off as a fresh. One gets a feeling of relief when the film finally ends.

Anup Rubens is generally bankable these days but here he comes off as completely disinterested. There is nothing memorable musically or even with respect to the background score. Technically (Cinematography, Editing) it’s a poor effort as well.

Bottom-line: Bores you to death

Rating: 1.75/5

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