Can Shankar Recreate The Magic With Bharateeyudu-2?


Bharateeyudu2 Movie Updates.


The most anticipated sequel of Bharateeyudu is turning out to be a reality. As per the obtained piece of information from the sources close to the director Shankar’s camp, this sequel is gearing up for its pre-production phase. Will this sequel be on par to its first part?  A brief look into the director’s recent acts explains everything.

Bharateeyudu Movie History:        

Bharateeyudu2 Movie Updates
Bharateeyudu2 Movie Updates

Bharateeyudu is one of the few cult movies that can be remembered in the Indian Film History. Shankar’s vision, Universal star Kamal Haasan’s all-around performance in dual roles and AR Rahman’s soulful music created a history at that times. Not just becoming a blockbuster, the film went on to become a super hit in all the dubbed versions across India. Such a movie is getting a sequel now. The moment this mighty project is speculated to be on noted Telugu producer Dil Raju tried his best to bankroll this movie. For some reasons, he walked out of the project and the Robo 2.0’s makers Lyca Productions took up this challenge. Despite all odds, it is not an easy task for this team to recreate the magic of the first part.

Bharateeyudu2 Movie Making Details:

Compared to the times of its first part, the technology in filmmaking has upgraded to a higher level and Shankar expanded his visionary skills to Sky high. Still, some top-notch film critics opine that Shankar has to sweat it out to bring in the magic. Kamal Haasan has entered into the Politics and his dates will be a big headache for the team. Shankar, on the other hand, needs to attempt much bigger problem than corruption to make the sequel much more engaging than the first part. Most importantly, the movie should get connected to the present youth who might not know the craze of the first part. Last but not the least, the production house Lyca which is counting stars to release the Robo 2.0 might not risk more crores on this project if at all it faces losses with the 2.0.

Location Recce By Shankar:

Likewise, there are many factors which appear tall in front of the star director Shankar. To move forward, the director has already started the pre-production work. Along with his  Cameraman Ravi Varman, he did a recce for the shooting spots in the country of Taiwan. More details of this stupendous project will be updated soon by the makers.

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