Arjun Reddy Remake: Vijay Devarakonda Vs Shahid Kapoor


Arjun Reddy Hindi Remake Updates. It’s Vijay Deverakonda Vs Shahid Kapoor.


The cult classic Arjun Reddy which created a huge wave in Tollywood in the last year is going to the Bollywood. Interestingly the young hero Shahid Kapoor is zeroed in to replace Vijay Devarakonda’s role in the Hindi version. As the project is a remake, comparisons between these two heroes have already begun in the social media.

Arjun Reddy Hindi Remake
Arjun Reddy Hindi Remake

Telugu movie followers and netizens opine that no other hero can replace Vijay Devarakonda in Arjun Reddy for the way he owned the character of the male lead. Whereas the movie lovers of North who came to know about this remake declares that Shahid would excel in the role of Arjun Reddy in the Hindi version. Both these heroes are rated as the best performers in their respective fields. Likewise Vijay in Telugu, Shahid has created his own impact among the Hindi youth and there was a time where the entire Hindi Industry went behind this dancing star. Compared to Telugu, the liberties are much more in Hindi field nowadays and this would be an added advantage for Shahid.


When the same comparison was brought in front of Vijay Devarakonda, this crazy hero declared that he is not the person to judge Shahid but his director Sanjay has all the rights to judge the best former between these two. To be more clear, Shahid is more experienced than Vijay Devarakonda as he has been acting in Hindi films since ages and he did a wide variety of roles. Also, the director Sanjay himself chose Shahid to do the remake and itself explains that he is the right choice to replace Vijay. One has to wait and see until the release and reception of Hindi Arjun Reddy to have the final comparison.


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