Aneesh Chaganty, The New Sensation In Hollywood


Aneesh Chaganty Searching Movie Details:

A 26-year-old young man made India proud with his sensational flick Searching in International level. This thriller became a hit in the US and put India into the limelight among Hollywood biggies.

Aneesh Chaganty Searching
Aneesh Chaganty Searching

Going into the details, the flick Searching made news all over the US with its outstanding success. Made with the limited budget, this intriguing plot won many accolades from all the leading critics of the Hollywood and ended up as a blockbuster among the small to medium budget flicks. Released on 24th of August, this flick stars the Korean superstar John Cho and the flick deals with the interesting searching of a father in search of his missing daughter.


Aneesh Chaganty parents became an overnight stars at Hollywood. His parents live in Hyderabad. This ex-IT professional of Google initially started making short films and made Searching as an eight-minute short story. He showed this movie to the leading producers of Hollywood. They encouraged him to make a regular movie out of this story.


Initially, Aneesh rejected the offer citing that he cannot stretch such crisp subject beyond a point. Fortunately, he changed his mind and made this flick and released across the US on the 24th of August and the rest is the history. Now this young director of Indian origin is getting much-needed recognition across the World Cinema. There are plans to release this cyber-thriller in many countries including India.


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