Viral: Amy Jackson’s Stunt Practice For 2.0 Doing Rounds


Amy Jackson’s Stunt Practice For 2.0 Going Viral:

The British beauty Amy Jackson has been hand-picked by the stupendous director Shankar to romance Superstar Rajini Kanth for the sequel 2.0. A look at this beauty’s recent Instagram post explains the reason for selecting her as the female lead in this big ticket flick.

Amy Jackson’s Stunt Practice
Amy Jackson’s Stunt Practice

Amy uploaded a new video on her official Insta and it immediately grabbed the eyeballs of her followers. She was seen practicing a bike jump stunt using ropes in this short video which was shot in slow motion. While all are praising her skills and guts, this I beauty wrote more amazing things about this byte beside the video.


She told that this practice session was held prior to the commencement of regular shoot in the observation of top-notch stunt choreographers. Also, Amy added that the video was shot in slow motion to observe the mistakes in her jump to correct them in the next try. This video is just an example of this super model’s dedication and Shankar’s perfection for 2.0.


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