Aamir Khan Heaps Praises On Kangana’s 'Queen'


Aamir Khan, part of the Khan trio in Bollywood and known for his impeccable judgment in stories has never shied away from lending his support to films which he finds are worth watching. He has appreciated many films in the past and recommended those films to all his fans on his personal space online.

The latest film to catch his attention is the newly released film Queen starring Kangana Ranaut. The film which released past Friday has already garnered some amazing reviews and has terrific word of mouth as well which could be seen from the consistent rise in collections over the weekend with each passing day. Aamir Khan after watching the film called it a very important and must watch film for every girl, woman. It is indeed an amazing film for them especially as it focuses on the women empowerment without being preachy or in your face.

Check out our review of the film which we have termed as the film of the year, so far. Tell us what you think of our as well as Aamir Khan views if you have seen the film in the comment section below.

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