Three Men Behind The First Look Of Aakashavani


The Chief technicians of Baahubali formed themselves into a team to roll out a new flick Aakashavani. The other day, the makers released the interesting first look of this flick which immediately grabbed the eyeballs. Behind this hit first look, the three special people are:


1. S S Karthikeya:

This son of visionary director Rajamouli started his own production company and bankrolled this flick. After working as an Assistant and Associate director for magnum opus Baahubali, Karthikeya decided to work alone to prove his mettle.

2. Kala Bhairava:

If you are a fan of the song Penimiti from Aravinda Sametha, then you would love this talented singer. He is none other than the elder son of top composer MM Keeravani. This young singer is debuting as a music director with this flick Akashavani.

3. Ashwin Gangaraju:

Ashwin who traveled with SS Rajamouli for quite a lot of time is the man behind the story and concept of Akashavani. He is debuting as a director with the backup of Karthikeya and Kala Bhirava.

One has to see this young team who worked for Baahubali can prove themselves with the flick Akashavani. For now, they succeeded with the first look.


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