Who are the Idiots in South !!!


Who could forget Raju Hirani’s two wonderfully entertaining Munnabhai films. Such were the appeal of those films that both the films were remade in South by offering fancy amounts. The offers didn’t stop there the demand for Raju Hirani was at such a peak level that people offered fancy amounts for the remake rights of his next directorial venture even before it got released. Once 3 Idiots released and king of gigantic success it got, the offer and people interested in remake only got bigger. The latest we hear is that Gemini film circuit who have a great rapport with Vidhu Vinod Chopra as they have also remade Munnabhai films in the past have bagged the rights to remake in entire south India. But that’s not the hot news, the hot news is that they have roped in director Shankar to direct the remake. This news has created ripples in film industries of South.

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