Siddharth & Samantha's Jabardasth Movie Live Updates


Show completed. Review will be published soon

Srihari episode elevating the proceedings after things were getting dull.

Vennela Kishore introduction as director is hilarious.

Finally the entrance of Srihari happens in an interesting way.

Samantha over acts a lot as per the demands of the character.

You are too cute Raju garu.

Nice twist given to the original movie. Anything more would be spoiling the fun.

Meghamala song comes at the most unnecessary moment bringing the flow of the film to an halt.

Post interval things have begun well and with introduction of Nithya menon proceedings are going well.

Interval was predictable but neatly done.

Arere arere song now. Things are slowing down a bit.

The resemblences at time are very obvious with the Hindi original where the film is inspired from.

Siddharth and Samanth establish an event management company.

Nice small twist involving Dharmavarapu.

Jabardasth is inspired by hindi film band baaja baarat. The basic theme is taken and new screenplay is build around it.

Main plot of the film introduced.

Samantha intro with ‘kundanapu bomma’ bg music

Siddharth as Bairraju, introduction by Sunil’s voice over is nice.

Nice titles showing childhood pics of cast and crew. Bgm by thaman is superb for titles.

Show about to start

Anxious Nandini Reddy at the screening

Show starts at 7:45 PM

Live Updates of Siddharth & Samantha’s starrer Jabardasth From Prasadz, Hyderabad.

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