ADIs Prema Kavali Live Updates


2nd Half Report:

The show has completed. Adi was better in second half compared to the first half so was the film. The second half has some comedy to our relief. Also some good measure of action is thrown in too. Overall it was an ok film. As far as the debut of Adi goes, he does well during the second half.

1st Half Report:
Hero Adi looks good.The dances are good from hero but his voice is disappointing and modulation even more so. Heroine lacks the dancing skill too. Nothing has happened in the movie so far and its interval now.

Now lets get into the story aspect a bit. Our hero loves heroine at the first sight in college but heroine doesn’t. Then hero hatches a ‘plan’. Heroine starts to think about hero and slowly falls in love. Meanwhile Shafi takes a pic of heroine kissing hero and starts to blackmail her. Our hero is unaware of all this events.

Comedy could have rescued such a weak plot but sadly that is not the case here. The characterizations are poor and half baked; music is of no help either.

Achi Reddy, Saikumar, R.P. Patnaik, Raja Ravinder, Viswanand, Tarun,Varun Sandesh, Rajeshkar, Jeevitha Fight Masters Ram – Lakshman etc. were present at the Cinemax for premier show.

Dialogue King, Sai Kumar Son’s Debut Movie – Prema Kavali Live Updates

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