Rana's Naa Ishtam Live Updates


And that’s the end bhayya.

Two bricks fight with each other and that’s the climax fight. Thankfully the brick fight is short lived.

Amidst all twists we now have a song.

And the pattern continues.

And a song again.

Young Sparks ‘angry’ expressions are anything but angry.

That’s how the film is progressing so far. The flow and punch is slimming down as movie is progressing in second half.

Sukumar-esqe dialogues by characters, followed by song followed by an action scene followed by ‘prati scene climax’ twist.

Back to back songs but thankfully the second one is pretty short.

All the characters are really well designed by the director.

Interesting beginning right after interval.

For ‘fans’ of Genelia here is something to cheer about, she is a lot ‘restrained’ till now.

And just when it looked like interval we have a song.

Some really hilarious scenes.

The director seems to have taken the adage ‘prati scenu climax’ too seriously. It shows.

Too many characters trying to out do each other with one liners.

Loud cheers for Genelia intro from audience.

Dialogue delivery has improved but the ‘act’ still remains the same.

All set for Young Spark’s Naa Ishtam

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