Rajanna Movie Live Updates



Show over. Review will be posted soon.

Now we have ‘amma avani’ song playing reminiscent of ‘venumadhava’ from Nenunnanu.

Finally the high voltage flashback of Rajanna is over.

Sets and graphics usage look tacky.

Nagarjuna stands out in zinda ya murda sequence.

After some high voltage scenes we now have some romance, ‘lachuvamma’ song now.

Veyyira veyyi just at the right moment.

M M Keeravani shows his expertise with background music once again in elevating the scenes.

Nagarjuna arrives with grand action sequence. Over all the first half of the movie moves okay with lots of songs and Nagarjuna, Music Etc. were highlights.

Nagarjuna as Rajanna makes an entrance.

Music and kids show so far.

One song follows after another while some add to the narrative some stagnate it.Performances are good.

The films begins interestingly and then slows down a bit with songs back to back.

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