Endhukante Premanta Live Updates


Finally, its an end.

Ok, so that was not the climax.

Lots of rods in the climax literally.endukante-premanta-movie-latest-wallpapers-reviews-news-collections-report

The song coudn’t have been more appropritely written ‘egiripove chilaka ekkadikaina’. Lots of people doing the same.

Vodka and knife treatment.

Lots of drama and sentiment.

Karunakaran still gets the collage jokes right.

Now some science regarding blood clot and a medicine.

Soul drama and comedy at the start of second half.

Pre interval is pretty long.

Kona Venkat makes appearence as Koka Bhai just before the interval.

Comedy not at par with Darling, although there are many scenes.

Very Darling-esque kind movie.

Beautiful locations and cinematography.

Endukante Premanta introduction is very well shot.

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