Dancing Star Sunil's Mr. Pellikoduku Movie Live Updates


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Show Over

Finally a happy ending.

Each and every song has a floor moment which is getting very repetitve now.

The ring sequence is stretched a lot.

Nice emotional scenes involving Sunil.

Its SA Rajkumar’s show all the way
He is doing his best to ruin the film with his bgm.

Belt step in siri siri muvaa song is the step of the film.

Another nice twist post interval in the story procedings.

Interval twist is good and its neatly done.

Peda moham-pellipeetalu, alusu-advantage, mama-doma are some of the prasa punches among the non stop punches coming in.

All songs so far have the trademark Sunil sweeping the floor movements.

Rubber mukka ichina kobbari mukka anukuni tine type – another fine punch dialogue.

‘Mana Nair gadi hospitality choosthunte manam hospital lo chere la unnam’ – everyline in the film has punches of this style and complexity.

Many predictable punches with little story movement.

Background music by SA Rajkumar is refreshingly terrible.

Introduction of Isha Chawla is good.

Sunil trying hard to act like a lover boy.

Typical Sunil mark earnest comedy.

An introduction song followed by family sequences followed by comedy action sequence. Everything happening according to formula.

The film begins with an introduction song on Sunil where he showcases all his dance moves.

Very interesting titles with pics of popular married couples in titles.

Mr. Pellikoduku Liveupdates from CineMAX, Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad.

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