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Watchout For Our Review on ‘Manam’

Show Over. Dont wait for reviews. Go Watch it. Manam : An Excellent Classic

Climax executed very well. Akhil impresses with his cameo.

Ali Enetred as Dance master. Scenes between NC, Samantha and Ali are good.

Clip of ANR’s ‘Nenu Puttaanu…’ in the middle of the song recieved thunderous response in theatre followed by Nag, NC’s dance sequence for ANR’s old song.

Drinking scene between ANR, Nag, NC is a feast for fans which is followed by most awaited song ‘Piyo…Piyo….’

Scenes between ANR,Nag,NC are very much entertaining.

Story shifts to present times, Love story between Nag and Shreya with impressive taking.

ANR as Chaitanya, son of Seetha (Nagarjuna) in flash back part.

Marriage Scene and ‘Chinni chinni aasalu….’ song between Nagarjuna and Sreya are impressive with very good chemistry between them.

Nagarjuna as Seetha and Shreya as Rama in Flashback part.

Second Half starts with Flash back between Nagarjuna – Sreya with ANR’s voice over.

Interval. Superb first half with with very well written screenplay blended with good comedy scenes. Performances,BGM,Cinematography are excellent.

The scene which reveals ‘Legendary’ ANR’s entry is EXCELLENT !!

‘Kanipenchina Maa Ammake’ song is picturised very well.

Amitabh Bachchan’s cameo is nice.

Movie is excellent so far with superb screenplay and good comedy.

Comedy scenes between MS Narayana and Sapthagiri , Nagarjuna and Brahmi are hilarious.

Comedy between Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya is very good with superb screenplay.

Nagarjuna as Nageswar Rao, Naga Chaitanya as Nagarjuna in present generation.

Nagarjuna introduced as Bittu in the role of a businessman.

With a twist in tale Movie shifts to present time.

First Song between Naga Chaitanya and Samantha, ‘Kanulani Thaake’ is picturised well with excellent cinematography.

Naga Chaitanya as Radha , Samantha as Krishna.

Movie starts off with interesting Titles.


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