Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu Movie Review



It is the story of Varun (Nani) and Nithya (Samantha) from their childhood to adult stage. Their break up’s along the way and subsequent patch up’s, is what the basic storyline of the film is all about.



Performances are crucial for a film with such wafer thin storylines. Thankfully the director manages to extract good performances from both the lead pair.

Samantha is fantastic and delivers her career best performance. Her transition from the gawky teenager to lovable youth to egoistic adult is very well portrayed and acted.

Nani too is fabulous. However he gets to showcase his performance skills only in the climax of the film. He is fabulous in the climax.

Despite getting some really hilarious lines, Krishnudu is not suitable for the role.

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Others represent cliché characters in a Gautam Menon film like the father of the hero, mother of heroine etc. They perform as is expected from them and in a very clinical way.




Some small moments

Few hilarious situational one-liners




Slow narration

Predictable ‘extended’ climax

Silly sounding dialogues most of the times



Director Gautam Menon chooses a strength genre of his and delivers a dud. He has the whole idea right for sure, like how he clearly shows the problems escalate in magnitude with passing of the age. During the childhood the problem appears silly, in youth it appears reasonable and in a later stage the stakes are raised further almost affecting the lives all around not just the couple in love.

The problem here is how all those conflicts are translated onscreen in a screenplay that’s almost non existent. He tries to infuse each individual stage with a chain of small incidents that becomes memories to remember in the next stage. But it is those small incidents filled with extreme silliness that brings the bigger picture down. The snail like pace only enhances the silliness level taking one to the point of derision.

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The climax leading to the predictable end makes it worse because of how long it takes to arrive to the point.

Music by Maestro Ilayaraja is good and used well. His background music could have been used even more effectively.

Cinematography is poor as was evident in the trailers itself. Editing is poor as well with some scenes ending abruptly.


Bottom-line: Insomniacs couldn’t have asked for a better prescription.

Rating: 2.75/5

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