Ko Antey Koti Music Review


In Telugu cinema we often see the big blockbuster kind of music albums and then silently along side them we have small niche albums that almost go unnoticed despite containing good music. One such album was Avakaya Biryani and Ko Antey Koti happens to be from the director of Avakaya Biryani. So while the album may not really have any expectations in general we do have some expectations on it. Let’s see if it manages to live up to the expectations or not.

Album begins fantastically with the title song “Ko Antey Koti”. Lyrics are a hoot and music is instantly catchy. The usage of old dialogues in between the interlude and end has really come out well. “O Madhurimave” is simple and good. Singer Naresh Iyer makes this one a good listen. Music is minimal and doesn’t overpower the lyrics however there is nothing out of ordinary here.

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“Varaala Vaana” is another soothing number with very good vocals. It’s a soft rock number and gets better as the song progresses. The mixing of classical Indian sounds with rock is what makes this song work. Another slow melodious number follows in “Bangaru Konda”. However this is more Indian styled number with classical Indian instrumentalization. Begins slowly but gets better and better as the song progresses and is fantastic towards the end.

The usage of violin once again is noticeable in “Aagopi” which is another good number with awesome interludes. A number that would be more liked with each new listening. Music director Shakthikanth Karthik dons the singing hat in “Deham Daaham” which is another rock number. The linking of the song depends on the liking of the genre of the song.

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The debutant music director delivers and the albums lives up to the expectations we had at the beginning. It’s a fresh sounding album keeping the Telugu musical scenario in mind, however there is nothing innovative for its terrain in an overall sense.


Picks of the album: Ko Antey Koti, Bangaru Konda, Aagipo, Deham Daaham

Rating: 3.5/5

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