Sarocharu Music Review


It’s been a year of Devi Sree Prasad whether one likes him or not. The music director has seen not only unprecedented success with his albums but the respective films have gone on to become the highest grossing films of the respective stars. Will the success story continue with Sarocharu, read on to find out?

First up is, “Made for Each Other” sung by Devi Sree Prasad himself. It is a typical DSP number where you have some jazzy beats with trumpets and drums all in a very predictable manner. It is followed by another template number “Jaga Jaga Jagadeka Veera”. Laziness is written all over it. Javed Ali voice makes the song “Racha Rambola” noticeable and saves it from becoming obsolete. In “Gusa Gusa” you have a typical DSP number that you nonetheless warm up to despite finding nothing fresh in it. “Katuka Kallu” is addictive after few listens and ends the album on a positive note.

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Sarocharu is a template driven Devi Sree Prasad album with absolutely no effort to innovate.


Picks of the album: Gusa Gusa, Katuka Kallu

Rating: 2.75/5

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