Krishnam Vande Jagadurgam Movie Review



Devika (Nayanatara) is a journalist shooting documentary on the minefields in Bellary region. Her documentary reaches a threatening level to the local mining mafia king and he wants to get her killed. During the same time Babu (Rana) is forced to come to Bellary to fulfill the wish of his grandfather. Both these seemingly different tracks merge together to form the basic storyline of the film.



This has to be breakthrough of some sorts for Rana if not on acting front at least on the dialogue side. He mouths lengthy dialogues with ease. But whether it was intentional or not the director throughout the film criticizes the ‘acting’ of Rana through various different characters. He is superb in action sequences and director uses this aspect very well.

Nayanatara is superb in the film. She looks lovely and when she gets a chance to act, she acts very well too. In fact she gets one of the best dialogue and scene of the film in the second half which gets the loudest cheer from the audience. It is also commendable on her part to give own dubbing for the film and it is good. This would surely rank among her memorable films and performance.

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Milind Gunaji who is seen after a long time in Telugu film acts very well whenever he is given a chance. He is superb in all his solo scenes and the climax.

Posani krishna murali gets a crowd pleasing  role and he gets good response from the audience whenever he is present.

Raghu Babu and LB Sreeram get roles that are not the usual comedy type and they do well and leave an impact.

Brahmanandam, Hema and Satyam Rajesh are used basically for fun purpose and they manage to provide laughs here and there. They are adequate.



Background music


Setting of the film


Negatives :

Placement of songs

Commercialization of interesting concept



Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum has a very good story and it could have made a gripping film if one were to just concentrate on the story and leave other commercial aspects. It is these commercial aspects like the songs, fights and heroism that bring the film down not just a notch but several notches down.

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The film through dialogues alone builds terrific intensity and momentum and what does the director do? He ruins such terrific build up with fights that are stretched, lacks energy and have cartoony effects that are almost jarring with the realistic tone of the film. If it’s not the fights we have the songs, which are completely unnecessary and distracting to the main narrative.

We have the hero with the natives in the villages and they are ready to celebrate a festival after an intense scene and the director introduces a seductive, sexy kind of song amidst such situation which completely ruins the impact and intensity created before. The same happens with comedy done through Brahmanandam. What this leaves us with is few scenes randomly throughout the film like the Kota Srinivas Rao sequence with Rana when the latter tells former about his decision, the scene when Rana first enters Bellary, Nayanatara’s scene with Rana before she parts with him, the sequence at the police station where wife of a murdered activist asks for post mortem. These are some scenes which are brilliant and create an impact only to be rendered effective less or diluted because of the commercial elements.

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Direction by Krish is once again first rate. He extracts good performances consistently from all the actors and uses Rana effectively. He cleverly uses lighting to show intensity and emotion in Rana’s face at many crucial moments. It’s with the screenplay that he falters. The screenplay is inconsistent and convoluted with too many plots, most of which in the end are used only for commercial purposes.

Music and background score by Mani Sharma is the lifeline of the film. They make some of the ordinary scenes look epic. One of the career best works of the music director for sure.

Cinematography is good. Editing is average.

Bottom-line:  One more film where the ghosts of commercial elements swallow all the niceties’.

Rating- 3/5

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