Naayak Music Review


It’s a Thaman album and we know what the expectations generally are. Lets see if manages to live up to the expectations or not.

“Yevvaramantey Elure” is immensely catchy and instantly likable so is “Kattilanti Pilla” with some great interludes.Ram-Charan-Naayak-Audio-Release-Function-Pics-Videos-PawanKalyan-Stills-Wallpapers-Pics-Photos The ending of “Kattilanti Pilla” especially is very neatly and classily done. “Laila O Laila” and “Hey Naayak” are more straight up foot tapping mass numbers with former having a bit of retro touch and later is as routine as you get but still can’t help but tap our feet kind of number. Both these numbers have unnecessary amount of Hindi lyrical bits. “Oka Choopuke Padipoya” is meh to begin with but picks up mid way and ends beautifully. Finally the much talked about remix is a big let down, unsurprisingly. It is just a fast forwarded version of the original.

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Like any or most of Thaman albums Naayak is again full of catchy parts, bits and phrases that would be liked and lapped up by the people. Few songs are going to be chart-busters and that just about does it. Predictable, template driven are negatives for this album as well like any of Thaman albums but its yet to reach a stale state so one has to live with it.


Picks of the album: Yevvaramantey Elure, Kattilanti Pilla, Laila O Laila

Rating: 3/5

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