SVSC Music Review


Music of Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, the most anticipated film of the season is out. It has music by Mickey J Mayer who finally after years of hard work is getting a big project. Does the music director bring anything new to the table or continues in his trademark style, is the only expectation we have on the album as he has rarely disappointed us. Let’s see what the album has in store.

Album begins on a fantastic note with the title song being an instant classic. The tune, singing and feel generated are awesome and sets the tone right for the kind of film it is. Lyrics are great too. “Yemcheddam” is catchy but nothing special in it, an alright number. “Aaraduguluntada” is another superb number that would grow with each listening. The singing parts are fantastic with good lyrics but the interludes bring it down a bit as they are pretty ordinary.

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“Inka Cheppale” is a typical Mickey J Mayer number. A happy listening pleasure, but not that repeat worthy initially due to the missing magic pre release as it depends heavily on the picturization. “Meghallo” is another awesome number. Fantastic and grand sounding interludes with nice lyrics make this one a clear winner. “Mari Anthaga” looks like straight out of a Sekhar Kammula film. Again it would need visuals to be appreciated more. Lyrics are good here as well. “Vaana Chinukulu” is as good a rain number as “Rajasekhara” from Leader was an item number. And that’s the end.

We have here an album that’s clearly divided according to requirements, some commercial and some demanded by the story. The ones demanded by the story are absolute treat while others range from good to alright to okay.

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There also seems to be a conscious effort by music director to sound grand and big as this is a big hero film not any small film that he does regularly and that effort is felt sometimes as trying too hard. At the same time there is no big change from the way he usually composes or any really difficult or different songs he has done here, barring the title song. On the whole he delivers but in a predictable manner and we guess that is what matters in the end whether it’s predictable or not.


Picks of the album: Seethamma Vakitlo, Aaraduguluntada, Meghallo

Rating: 3.25/5


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