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In what we hope to be series of interviews with various people related to film personalities not just the stars, as its these people that are the reasons we see the film the way we see it and the reason the films get made in the first place, we bring to you, our readers, a candid interview of Mr. Ramesh Puppala, the producer of Mirapakai.

Mr. Ramesh Puppala

Sitting relaxed in his office with an ever smiling face we met the producer of Mirapakai Mr. Ramesh Puppala. He welcomed us with warmth without showing any usual trapping that others in his field do. He then went on to tell how he accidentally turned producer on the encouragement of Mr. RR Venkat whom he has been friends for nearly 25 years. He also candidly tells us that he had interest in acting but would not force for such thing to happen now just because he is a producer. Presenting to you, our readers Mr. Ramesh Puppala unplugged.

Favorite actors
As I have worked with Ravi Teja he is my favorite actor. But other than him I like Mahesh Babu and Jr NTR from the current generation

Favorite heroine

Favorite Music Director
S Thaman

Films liked among the recent releases
Kanchana and 100% Love

On the film industry and experiences after making a film..
I am really happy so far with my experience in the film industry. It was accidentally that I became a producer. The story of Mirapakai was narrated to RR Venkat and I was present there. I liked what was narrated and at the moment instantaneously decided to become a producer. Later the cast and crew formed and that’s how my first film was made.

It was made with in our estimated and the shoot was finished well before the schedule. The film was a major success and everyone from the cast and crew of the film to the exhibitors and distributors benefited from the film. There was no one that was associated with the film and lost on it. So all in all I had a wonderful experience with my first film.

Director or star – which one gets your preference?
For me the director is always the first priority. An actor or star can give superb performance but if the director is incapable, the output and film will be bad which then directly effects the star and no one remembers how good his performance is.

Should dubbing films be banned?
No I don’t support this view. Dubbing films or films from any language should not be banned. A good film should always be encouraged and we Telugu people are always first on this front, they encourage good films irrespective of where it comes from. At the end of the day it’s about the content and the entertainment a film provides that makes the film a success at the box office. When a good entertaining film comes from our heroes our audience always laps it up in big numbers.

What do you think about the current state of the industry?
The industry is doing well. This year the success ratio has been high when compared to last year. It’s just that some high profile big films have failed to reach the target which has clouded our perception and makes us think that we are doing badly. In fact all the films that were made with in the budget were profitable.

What does “with in the budget” mean?
Today some films are made by keeping budgets and stars in mind and not thinking of the story. Such films are bound to fail as films don’t run on budgets. Blasting 10 Sumos doesn’t make a good movie it’s the story which makes a good movie and the budget should be based on the story and on what’s required for the story. As I have mentioned we made Mirapakai with in the budget and everyone associated with it has reaped the benefits.

Your aim as producer
I am a very jovial person by nature and I love films with good dose of humor that’s my preference and that’s how I wish to make movies in future too.

So will you encourage newcomers?
Yes why not. Post the release of Mirapakai I have been busy hearing various scripts from lot of newcomers and have liked few scripts too.

There is rumor in the film industry that the scripts of newcomers are taken but are not made with them instead given to a senior director to direct the movie. What is your take on this?
Yes such kind of things happen but I believe every director has vision when some director approaches me with a story and narrates it, I feel he has a vision of his own and that can not be replicated by any other director. If such things happen in the end it’s the producer who would loose as the film will not turn out as good as it was meant to be. So I don’t encourage such things to happen.

Would you produce a film if Ravi Teja wishes to direct?
Sure why not I am very fond of him and he has lot of experience in the direction department too as he has worked as assistant director for many years before becoming an actor.

What is your criterion on selection of script?
I don’t think anyone needs to be experienced to like a script. When I hear a script I know it immediately that I would like it or not. So I go by my judgment and mostly as I said I prefer entertaining movies.

Upcoming production
A film in the combination of Nani and director Krishna Vamshi is going on to floors soon. We are also planning a big movie in the direction of Harish Shankar; a top hero would act in this film.

Tell us something about the Nani-Krishna Vamshi film
Can’t tell you more about the film at this point of time as it is yet to start its regular shooting, but I can promise you this; the film will take Nani to new level as an actor. the subject of the film is superb and has it not just made for songs and dance with massy elements thrown in. on the rest of the film it would be better if director Krishna Vamshi talks about it rather than me.

Any message you would like to give to our readers
We know how rampant the piracy is and the people too know how badly it affects our film industry. While I don’t think piracy can impact a good film but still it affects the film in the long as people think of watching it in their house. So I believe if the awareness about the film piracy should happen in people with in, only then the piracy can be controlled.?

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