Nagesh Muntha Interview


In our build up to one of the most awaited release of the year Panjaa we present to our readers an exclusive interview with Nagesh Muntha, one of the producers of Panjaa.

What is the film about?
The basic premise of the movie is a love story with mafia backdrop. Pawan Kalyan wanted to do a mafia based entertaining subject from a long time and that is how this script came into being.

When did Vishnuvardhan join the project?
It was director S.J.Suryah who recommended Vishnuvradhan’s name to Pawan Kalyan for his superb execution of these kinds of subjects. Pawan Kalyan then introduced him to us. When we look at the film now, we couldn’t have though of a better director to make this film. Vishuvardhan has made the film with superb technical values.

Is it is a serious kind of movie?
No, the film is an entertainer a stylish entertainer at that. There are action and comedy aplenty in the film. Ali, Brahmanandam and Jhansi with Pawan Kalyan have provided comedy in large doses. Also coming to the action there are many sequences but they have been naturally done and not over the top and exaggerated.

So can families too watch the film?
Yes 100% they can watch. As I have said there is enough comedy to keep them happy and we also have a beautiful love story too thatNagesh_Muntha everyone will like. All these along with action are integrated into the main story and are not separately kept. Nothing in the film will look forced; everything is part of the script.

Are you completely satisfied with the end product?
We are 200% satisfied.

Are the fans going to be satisfied?
Fans too would be satisfied immensely. The film has everything in right doses, no over the top dialogues and fights. Who ever see’s the film will have a smile in their faces at the end of the film which was our objective and that is where our victory lies. People who are fed up with recent boring predictable fares too would love this film.

Also fans of Pawan Kalyan are in for a treat. They will see a Pawan Kalyan they have not seen before. Pawan Kalyan has completely owned the project and his performance will stay with the fans and audience alike long after the film is over.

How big is the release going to be?
We assure that you that it is going to be a very big release. Especially in overseas Panjaa is going to have an extensive release. It will release in places directly where a Telugu film has never released.

What are your next projects?
We still haven’t decided on our next projects, currently all our energies are focused on Panjaa. Once we are done with it we may announce our next project.

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