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Hero Nithiin who made a promising debut to his career with blockbuster like Jayam later continued the dream run with films like Dil and Sye with top directors like VV Vinayak and SS Rajamouli respectively.

However Nithiin somewhat lost the plot later on in spite of working with acclaimed directors like Dasarth, Krishna Vamsi and Ram Gopal Varma. Luck seems to have eluded him and almost nothing worked for him Hero_Nithin_Interview_ishq_movieand he was in the oblivion for many years.

All that has now changed with his latest release Ishq which has not only given the actor a big success but also great critical acclaim. The actor is beaming with joy and is rearing to go again with a renewed energy. Here is a small chit chat with the new heartthrob Nithiin.

How did the project materialize?
Actually Vikram narrated this story to me 4 years ago but at that time the film did not happen as I was busy with other films and he then moved onto making another film. Later I was fed up with the mass films and decided to do a love story for a change and heard many stories. But did not like them and that’s when I remembered the story narrated to me by Vikram again and remembered liking it back then.

So I called him up again and asked him weather he has the script ready and he gave a positive nod. And that’s how the project started.

The film had good cast and technical crew too so when did they come on board?
As you might know PC Sreeram sir, is a good friend of the director and both share a great rapport, so he was on the film immediately after it got materialized. Not saying that he accepted the film because he is friend of director but he liked the subject a lot too. He does films only if he likes the script so that was a positive sign.

And coming to the heroine Nithya Menon, we initially thought of having a newcomer for the heroine’s part but we couldn’t find anyone suitable for the role. That’s when we saw Ala Modalaindi and find her cute and lovely; perfect for the role that the director and I had imagined for the film.

The film has got superb reception critically? How is your feeling?
I am really happy for the amazing critical reception the film has got. Everyone has praised my performance; I am so happy and thankful to them.

What would you prefer such great critical acclaim or box office success?
I would prefer box office success, because with success the rest is bound to follow. Great acclaim without success is waste.

What are you next projects?
I have accepted two films which will go onto sets soon.

One among them is a film with new director called Vijay, it’s a love story. Another one is for a big banner and would be announced in the coming few days.

How do you go about choosing a project? Which is your first priority among script, director and producer?
My first priority is always script and then a good director who can give life to the script visually. No matter how good the script is if a director can not handle it properly it’s of no use. Basically for a good script to work so many tangibles are there as I have worked with top directors in the past too but some haven’t worked.

Finally the producer for the film too is important as a good film needs to be taken to people effectively.

If the good script requires it to be a multistarrer are you ready for it?
Why not, I am ready for it if there is a script.

And if a different script comes to you are you ready to do it?
I am always ready. I have done films like Adavi in the past.

What is a good film for you?
A good script for me is something like Ishq. A perfect film that provides value of the money to the audience, they should not feel cheated or bored. It must be sensible too at the same time.

Do you have any dream role?
Not in particular. But I want to do a completely different film lets say something like Ghajini which provides scope to experiment with looks and performance.

And finally do you believe in numerology?
(Laughs) Oh not really. A friend of mine suggested recently having a try at this. There is nothing wrong with it actually. I said, ok lets have a change and it has worked. So hey, it’s fine as long as its work.

On that happy note we took a leave and wished the actor once again on his big success.

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