Salman Khan ’s Love Revealed By His School Teacher


Salman Khan ‘s Love Revealed By His School Teacher.

On the eve of Teacher’s day which is celebrated on 5th of September, a media fortunately got a chance to have a chatter with Superstar Salman’s school teacher. This enthusiastic teacher did reveal something about this star’s school love life which raised the eyebrows of his fans.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman is considered one of the eligible bachelors in India. Despite his good works and kind nature like Being Human charity etc, this hero gets criticised for dating actresses and dumping them whenever he dislikes them. However, the teacher of his school days quashed these rumours and declared that Salman is a thorough gentleman as far as his teacher is concerned. Explaining about his school life, his teacher stated that Salman had a lovely behaviour with everyone which makes all to fall for his nature. Used to be one of the attractive boys in the entire school, the teacher claimed that never did Salman misbehaved with anyone such that he never cared about any girls who were present in a side by girls School. This teacher declared that Salman’s childhood love is nothing but his bikes as he loves to arrive School on bikes.


This Ek Tha Tiger hero’s fans are quite delighted to know more good things about their favourite hero of Bollywood. In this regard, let us all remember our favourite teachers who moulded our careers and wish them a happy Teachers Day.

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