Rohit Shetty Five Changes To Simmba From Temper


Rohit Shetty Changes To Simmba From Temper

Not all remakes become successful except for some makers who understand the theme and change it according to the interest and nativity of the target audience. Rohit Shetty is one such director and his upcoming outing Simba which is the official remake of Taarak’s Temper has got many changes from its original.


Rohit Shetty
Rohit Shetty

1. Ranveer replacing NTR: The presence of Ranveer has brought more kick to the flick as this hero is currently enjoying huge craze in the B-town. Unlike NTR Jr’s active characterization, Rohit presented Ranveer in entirely different body language.

2. Sara Ali Khan for Kajal: Despite going for any big actress like Kajal in Temper, the makers of Simba went for the fresh face Sara Ali Khan who is the daughter of hero Saif Ali Khan and his ex-wife.

3. Posani replaced by Ashutosh Rana: The character of Posani is considered as one of the major highlights of Temper. Such character despite opting for comedian has given to the leading villain in Southern Cinema Ashutosh Rana which appeared perfect.

4. Sunny Leone replacing Nora Fatehi: In Temper, the villain Prakash asks NTR Jr to romance with Sunny Leone but in reality, it is Baahubali’s beauty Nora Fatehi who dances for a special song. For Simba, Rohith is bringing Sunny herself for this flick’s range.

5. Sonu Sood for Prakash Raj: The antagonist is a key to this flick so the makers instead of bringing Prakash Raj who is busy in Politics is replaced by Dabaang villain Sonu Sood.


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