Veteran Actor’s Absence Leads To Grave Rumours


Krishna Raj Kapoor passed away recently. She is the mother of senior actor Rishi Kapoor. A chain of events related to these personalities has led to grave rumors floating in Bollywood.

Krishna Raj Kapoor
Krishna Raj Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor along with wife and son flew to the US days before her mother Krishna Raj Kapoor passed away. The entire industry attended the funeral ceremony, but the son Rishi Kapoor did not come from the US.


It has risen to the speculation that the senior actor is diagnosed with cancer. The treatment is currently happening in the US. To keep the panic situation at bay, the family is trying to keep entire happening secretive. But, one can’t keep media out, can they?


The rumours have surfaced, and it is now up to the family to put an end. We hope that the cancer issue is just a gossip created out of empty minds and that Rishi Kapoor continues to entertain us through his films.


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